SIKLA, Evangelia

Evi Sikla received a B.A. in History and Archaeology from the University of Athens, Greece. She further pursued graduate studies at Bryn Mawr College on fellowships from the Fulbright Foundation and Bryn Mawr College (Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology, 2008). Evi has participated in a number of excavations in Crete and the Cyclades. She is also an alumni of the American School of Classical Studies and has been affiliated with the Institute for Aegean Prehistory-Study Center in East Crete, where she has been studying for publication Early Minoan pottery from the settlement of Mochlos.


Dr. Simmons is an Associate Professor in the departments of Anthropology and Health Promotion, Education and Behavior at the University of South Carolina. David received his PhD from Michigan State University (2002) and completed a three-year National Science Foundation Postdoc at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Social Medicine, Program in Infectious Disease and Social Change (2002-2005).


Born in Greece in 1951, Dimitris Sinachopoulos studied Mathematics at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (B.A., 1975), Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy at the University of Vienna, Austria (Ph.D. 1983) and Byzantine Studies at the same University. He studied Archaeoastronomy with Prof. Firneis and Prof. Ferrari d’Occhieppo. He was post-doc researcher at the Univ. of Bonn (1984-1989) and the Royal Observatory of Belgium (1989-1998) working on Earth-bound and space Astrometry (ESA «Hipparcos» and «Gaia» and DLR «DIVA» satellites).

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