LANTZAS, Catherine

Dr. Lantzas is a graduate of Dickinson College's Archaeology program. She went on to study the Late Bronze to Iron Age transition in the Argolid and Methana Peninsula at the University of Sheffield, UK. She has worked with the DEPAS project since 2004. Her research interests are the ceramic material and metal objects from the Lower Town excavations, dating from the Early Protogeometric periods onwards.

LERIOU, Anastasia

Anastasia Leriou studied at the University of Athens, from which she graduated with an Honours BA degree in Greek Archaeology. After winning a scholarship by the Greek Archaeological Committee U.K., she went on to pursue postgraduate studies at the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, University of Birmingham. The title of the doctoral thesis, which was completed in 2005 is The Aegean presence in Cyprus during the period 1200-900 BC: a reassessment.

LIANOS, Nikolaos

Professional Education and Training University: University of Rome La Sapienza, School of Architecture, 
- International Centre for Conservation (Rome)-ICCROM-UNESCO. Area of Interest: Architectural Conservation 1977.
- Diploma (Ms) in Architectural Conservation, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, School of Monument Restoration and Conservation, (Scuola di perfezionamento per lo studio ed il restauro dei Monumenti) 1984.
- Ph.D. in History of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Rome, “La Sapienza” 1992.

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