Introduction to Art History

(Spring semester 2021) This course is conceived as an introductory survey of the European art extending over ten centuries, from the Romanesque art of the eleven-century to that of  the early-twentieth century avant-garde movements. It also covers a wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, architecture, drawings and prints. The analysis of the subjects is mostly made in chronological order while parallel narratives allow for a comparative approach to the artistic production of important artistic centers in France, Italy, Low Countries, the Holy Roman Empire, including Germany, Spain and England. A short overview of the materials, specific media and techniques and how they have been used historically is also provided. Artists and their works will be placed in the cultural, political, religious and social context of their time so that the participants may have a deeper understanding of the artwork, its function and how it responds to specific circumstances. Furthermore, through the development of a variety of methodological approaches (Biography, Formalism, Iconography-Iconology, Social history, Works of art as objects of memory and evidence of material culture), students learn to examine works of art in a multifaceted way. The course is designed for students with no previous background in art history. 


Ianthi Assimakopoulou
Course Code: 
ARTH 101