Field Archaeology II (Virtual Field School)

(July 2021) This is a groundbreaking virtual field school course, designed on an innovative model of ‘poly-dimensional’ pedagogy that conglomerates diverse, complementing and mutually reinforcing educational, research, and experiential components to emulate the learning experiences of actual field training and the dynamics of a vigorous study abroad program. The ‘poly-dimensional’ approach involves synchronous and asynchronous remote teaching, virtual ‘hands-on’ practical training through video streaming of actual fieldwork (excavation and survey) in the dig simulator and/or active archaeological sites, application of cutting-edge digital technology, online workshops on field methods, online guest lectures on specialized interdisciplinary topics, and simulation of cultural immersion experiences through live streaming of guided tours at select archaeological sites, museums, and historical landmarks. Through these experiences and interactions with a range of archaeological datasets, students learn how the archaeological record is formed, how it is properly excavated, recorded and studied, and what its patterns reveal about ancient human activities. This virtual ‘poly-dimensional’ model can be tailored to the specific needs and variables of the program by further embedding various educational components (such as foreign language instruction, history, geography, cross-cultural studies). No Prerequisites.


C. Maggidis et al.
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