Ancient Greek Art and Archaeology (offered as actual and virtual course)

(July 2021) This online course is a general introduction to the art and archaeology of ancient Greece from Prehistoric to Hellenistic times, including prehistoric Aegean civilizations (Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece), Early, Archaic and Classical Greece, and the Hellenistic world. We will survey Greek architecture (temple, secular, funerary), sculpture, vase painting, monumental painting, metalwork, and minor arts of these periods, both on mainland Greece and in the Greek colonies (Asia Minor, Pontus, Cyprus, Syria/Levant, Egypt, S. Italy and Sicily). We will consider typological, iconographical, stylistic, and technical aspects and developments, and will study styles, schools, and regional trends. Furthermore, we will attempt an historical contextualization of ancient Greek art by addressing socio-economic patterns, political organization, religion, and writing. Finally, we will evaluate the ancient Greek artistic legacy and contribution to our modern western civilization. This course will be also offered as a virtual course (via synchronous and asynchronous Zoom sessions, complemented with live streaming of guided tours at archaeological sites and museums, online video documentaries, and guest lectures).

Christofilis Maggidis and Heidi Dierckx
Course Code: 
ARCH 101