PSYCHAS, Adrianos

Assistant Director and Adjunct Professor, ACAM; Researcher

Adrianos Psychas, born at Nauplion, Greece, received his B.A. in History and Archaeology at University of Athens (2014). He is candidate for his M.A. thesis on Early Mycenaean era, especially in social organization through examination of the arrangement of tombs and analysis of grave goods, at University of Athens. He has participated on several excavations both as student and as trench master: Kleisoura, Prosymna (2004); Lower Town, Tiryns (2005); Lower Town, Mycenae (2007-2011, 2013); Petras, Siteia (2015), geophysical surveys: Glas, Boeotia (2011), while he has also taken part in museum activities, i.e. recording, drawing, photographing, cataloging pottery and stone tools: Argos, Archaeological Museum (2012); Mycenae, Museum (2012-2015); INSTAP Study Centre for East Crete (2013-2015). His main interests include study and understanding of Mycenaean era through the parallel examination of contemporaries civilizations in Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, e.g. Anatolia and Cyprus; big-scale architecture; mycenaean pottery. He focuses especially in burial customs and mortuary beliefs of the pre-literate societies -as perceived in modern-day western view- of 2nd millennium B.C. in Aegean, combining data from landscape archaeology and anthropology.