Assistant Professor, Cyprus Institute

Evi Margaritis is an archaeobotanist who specializes in Aegean Prehistory but also the Classical period, focusing
on ancient economy, wine and olive oil production , and the social dimensions of consumption of food. Born in
Greece, Evi completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Athens (B.A. in History and Archaeology,
1996) and subsequently moved to the U.K. in order to undertake the M.Sc. in Enviromental Archaeology and
Palaeoeconomy at the University of Sheffield (1998). On completing her post-graduate degree, she returned to
Greece and worked for several years in both rescue and systematic excavations, which offered her the
opportunity to retrieve and study plant remains from a variety of sites and time periods. During this period, she
gathered the necessary material for her PhD thesis and she returned to the UK to began her doctoral studies at
Cambridge. She completed her Ph.D. (2005) on the very prestigious Gates scholarship offered at Cambrigde.
Her thesis "Wine and olive oil production in Hellenistic Pieria: an archaeobotanical case study from Macedonia,
Greece' is the first detailed large-scale archaeobotanical research in Greece, focusing on urban and rural
Hellenistic sites. Evi Margaritis is involved in extensive fieldwork and laboratory research as the leading archaeobotanist in
several archaeological projects around Greece, Cyprus and Italy. She works with the Ministry of Culture but also
with INSTAP Study Centre of East Crete, ASCSA, BSA, EFA, Swiss, Belgian Schools and with the U. of
Cambridge, Southampton,, Aix-Marseilles Université, U. of Greensboro, Liverpool, Brussels, Michigan, Victoria,
Buffalo, U. of Athens, U. of Ioannina; U of Thessaly. At Mycenae Evi is responsible for the study of the plant
remains from Building K but also from the lower town. Evi has extensively published her work in peer reviewed
journals, invited chapters in several edited volumes while she has been invited to participate in workshops and
give lectures. Her teaching experience includes seminars, workshops, lectures, and personal guidance/training
on archaeobotany study for numerous post-graduate students of the American School at Athens, the University of Peloponnese, and the University of Cambridge.