LANTZAS, Catherine

Adjunct Professor, Rutgers University, Delaware College of Art and Design, Rowan University, Community College of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill College

Dr. Lantzas is a graduate of Dickinson College's Archaeology program. She went on to study the Late Bronze to Iron Age transition in the Argolid and Methana Peninsula at the University of Sheffield, UK. She has worked with the DEPAS project since 2004. Her research interests are the ceramic material and metal objects from the Lower Town excavations, dating from the Early Protogeometric periods onwards. She is also interested in settlement patterns and mortuary behavior, as well as the notion of the Iron Age in Greece as a post-collapse society. Currently she is an adjunct at Delaware College of Art and Design, Rowan University, and Community College of Philadelphia where she teaches a variety of Art History courses; Rutgers University, where she teaches specialty topic graduate courses, such as the Collapse of Complex Civilizations, Democracy, and Classical Mythology; and, Chestnut Hill College, where she teaches the required first-year writing course.