Landscape Drawing & Painting (offered as actual and virtual course)

(July 2021) Landscape drawing and painting, integrating architectural and natural settings, aims to inspire students from the unique amalgam of culture and nature in Greece. The rich architectural history of Greece comprises a great variety of architectural orders, forms, styles, material and techniques from antiquity to modernity, from prehistoric times and the classical age, the later antiquity of the Roman and Byzantine periods to the medieval centuries of Venetian, Frankish, Ottoman conquest, and the recent Neoclassical Greek tradition. This multi-cultural architecture has been set in natural landscapes of unparalleled seasonal beauty that vary from mountain tops, forests, and valleys to lakes, coastal sites, and islands. This course will teach students how to observe and appreciate a building in terms of formal elements (such as form, shape, scale, proportion, color, material) as well as grasp the fusion/integration of various types and styles of architecture in different types of natural settings. Students will utilize fast-paced freehand drawing techniques to record sequential experiences of moving through architectural spaces (urban and rural) and natural landscapes. The ultimate aim is to explore visual self-expression and experimentation with a variety of media, including charcoal, pencil, ink, and watercolor. This course will be also offered as a virtual studio art course.

Chrysanthe Maggidis
Course Code: 
ARTS 101