Archaeogeophysical Survey: Methods and Techniques

This course is designed to provide a thorough up to date insight into mapping methods of archaeological prospection. It will consist in both lecturing and practical work, either laboratory exercises or field work. The principles of magnetic and resistance mapping will be taught plus the surveying techniques and data collection procedures. An introduction to magnetic  susceptibility, magnetization of materials and conversion of magnetic oxides in soils will be given. The principles of the instrumentation commonly employed will be explained and training in their use will be provided. Students will be trained in designing and carrying out a geophysical survey either in the dig simulator or in real terms either in the archaeological site of Mycenae or elsewhere. The  geophysical and image processing procedures for data processing will be explained and actual computer training will take place at the installations of  the American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae (A.C.A.M.). Emphasis will be put on the use of processing sequences. The data visualization methods will be explained in detail. Also, the benefits of using image fusion algorithms will be demonstrated.The final aim would be to understand and being able of constructing a visualization of the prospection data in a form that resembles the ground view of the concealed ancient remains that could had been drawn if excavation had taken place. Students will learn to  present the results of the survey in reports.

Grigoris Tsokas
Course Code: 
GARC 102