Summer Program

The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Athens

(July) This seminar will focus on ancient Athens, the most renowned ancient city in the world: the cradle of democracy and birthplace of rhetoric, philosophy, historiography, drama and theater, classical art and architecture (5th/4th centuries BC), and home of the first modern Olympic Games (AD 1896). The course aims to familiarize the students with the long history and complex archaeology of Athens.

Medical Anthropology

(July) This course introduces the field of medical anthropology, which is the study of human health, disease and healing from a cross-cultural perspective. The political economy of health as a result of modernization is a central focus. Topics covered include cross-cultural understandings of illness and healing, the social context of biomedical interventions, and the impacts of emerging and re-emerging diseases such as AIDS, malaria, and Tuberculosis on world health.